Our story

We are explorers, designers and builders.

Or more officially, we're a full-service branding and communications studio driven by the notion that relevant brands are powered by well-executed design.

Dedicated team members
Years since day one
Priority - our clients
Projects annually – actually, we lost track


We offer a wide range of services that build brand products ready for the world.

Design drives everything.

The core of Five Creative is exceptional design. We believe in design that holds and delivers creative thought, that speaks to us with emotion and causes us to react. All of our products are uniquely crafted to deliver an engaging user experience.

Many minds matter.

We believe that collaboration leads to more creative and critical thinking, ultimately resulting in unique solutions. A team approach is used on all of our projects and is a part of our culture, which also invites our clients to be more closely connected
to the creative process.

Design for all.

We believe that every business challenge is worthy of creative thought and engaging
design, and we approach every project this way.

Meet the team

We are a small and skilled team. We're enthusiastic and deeply invested in all our projects.

Amy, Project Coordinator at Five Creative
Amy Bachmeyer
Project Coordinator

Madison, Designer at Five Creative
Maddy Few

Ron, Creative Director and Owner of Five Creative
Ron Nikkel
Creative Director

Eliza, Designer at Five Creative
Eliza Gabito

Sharon, Client Services at Five Creative
Sharon Nikkel
Client Services


It gets sticky explaining our process – but it works.


Design can be applied to all kinds of problems. But, just like humans, problems are often messy and complex—and need to be tackled with some serious creative thinking.

Unlike many design firms, we are an agency that is willing to dive deeply into the thoughts and emotions that drive user decisions and actions. Simply put, there is no more critical source of information. It is these insights that propel the creation of products that can and will deliver on the brand message in an interesting, insightful and memorable way.

We believe it all starts with empathy. Empathy has helped us evolve as creative people able to see things from different perspectives, putting aside preconceived notions and judgments. Time and again we have found this to be the most critical element in producing truly relevant, authentic ideas that connect with others. We continue to learn so much from simply walking in another’s shoes to better understand their plight, their challenges and their needs.


We're brutally honest and we expect you to be the same. Expressing honest opinions in a respectful way is essential when creating something great.


Our process is very flexible. We believe in making room for trial and error and continuous improvements in search of the best outcome.

Five Creative team outside of Five Creative office in Old Town Clovis

Selected clients

Building strong and enduring partnerships with our clients is our top priority. These clients have all put their trust in us.

Community Health System

Marketing And Communications

Brand Development & Design


Western Milling

Agriculture Sevices

Identity And Corporate Websites


Old Town Clovis


Branding And Websites


Trumark Homes

Home Construction

Community Branding Communications


City of Santa Rosa

Public Services

Branding And Communications


Golden Heritage

Luxury Home Builder

Website Development